solo show at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi | March 14 -18, 2018

one can see the colour,

but can one feel it?

when you look at a piece of art, do you hear music?

art is the unfelt, the unexplainable.

it cuts through cognitive judgement to appeal to the deep subconscious.

less is an attempt at creating such art.

less is not just about

cutting the noise or clutter.

less is about cutting out everything that can go.

not reduction, but distillation.

the first thing that disappears is the visualization of how the work should / could /would look.

it’s not about the look at all.

the colours are picked in the moment. One surrenders to the tools. work happens.

like the patterns that the receding waves form in sand.

art by the laws of physics, yet different each time.

absolute chaos.absolute order.

surreal. original. beautiful.

less is about focus. less is about purity.

as one reduces the resources and goes deeper exploring a few,

one starts to realize meaning they give.

less comes from an empty mind. no to-do lists, no urgencies, no thoughts.

less happens when one becomes one with the work.

when one becomes the grain on the canvas, the drop of

colour in the infinity of time.

the creator? Just an involved bystander.

less has no name, no definition.

as the form gets distilled, the essence begins to appear.

then the work steps out of the physical canvas and

enters the expansive one – the mind of the viewer.

Hope to see you at the show.