i am :


I am Rahul Inamdar and this is my work.

By education, I have no connection with art. For ten years after my MBA in Marketing and a Mechanical Engineering degree I worked in the area of marketing and innovation. Every time (whenever I had time) I would be at the easel, experiencing a feeling never felt before.

My wife and family were extremely supportive, and I quit corporate job to be with art.

The journey after that has been very interesting, always making me feel that I was going to a place I wanted to go to.

Every day has been full of new learnings, reflections - in every area - be it philosophy, technique, simplicity, oneness.

Seems like my kind of place.


I live and work in Mumbai, at my studio, Do, trying to make my art go deeper, more subtle, more intense.

My work happens in waves. Each wave starts with questions like, what is my art? what is it that I want to see in my art?

I consume material across disciplines - science, music, maths, architecture, food, art, poetry - sound work that has pushed the boundaries. The idea is to internalise the essence of creation, understanding the role of form, and seeing the separation of the two.

Then I start rethinking, re-feeling. Pages and pages of random scribbles, notes, thoughts follow.

Everything gets wiped out, I start writing again - again, to keep it to as little words as I can.

(Words lie, but that's another topic.) As I get clearer and ready to do new works, even the method and media of my work shifts. The force, application, viscosity, shapes, colours - all of it moves.

That's when new work starts. It's not premeditated. I rely on my unconscious thought and the moment to build it organically. But no part my work is by chance. In the moment, every detail is deliberate, known and fully controlled - and it's a joy in absolute. I get to see the work for the first time only when it is done - fresh, in front of me. It's a wonder.

Which is why each work is distinct. I never know what I will make, how many works I make, how long I will go on.

But this letting go, unknown, freedom - is what keeps me insanely in love with my work.