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being an artist.

Every individual has his own sense of beauty (and may be truth).

He looks at the world in a certain way.

What he finds beautiful - whether abstract or real, is in the world around him.

The artist immerses himself in finding his truth, his sense of beauty. He starts living in the things he loves - or his sanctuaries, experiencing and exploring the connections they make with his soul, again and again.

That's what the artist really works on. As the artist understands himself honestly and truthfully, the sanctuaries converge and create a fertile bed on which the artist grows his own original perception of beauty and truth.

The byproduct of this journey is creation.

The medium of creation, is something that doesn't interfere the process of creation, actively or passively, positively or negatively - it is something that stays neutral, gets out of the way of the creation.

A creation is amazing, not just for the viewer, but also for the artist - because he sees it for the first time.

A creation allows an artist to see himself more clearly.

The creation leads to another, slowly, surely and continuously reducing and integrating the artist with his essence, his beauty, his truth - his being.

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