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colour psychology / psychology of seeing / instinct / intuition / what can a colour do to a person

colour / texture / perception


colour connection with evolution / survival

can a colour mean something without an association


how do we perceive colour / contrast and colour cognition / colour shape relations / illusion


what do these words mean : pause / space / absence / oneness

music and colour /shape / texture / poignancy / resonance / tension - between solidness and delicateness.


stimulus / method / subject / magic

what do i paint


transforming colours from surface to film to air


tools for application / surface tension / film // granularity

science of colour / how its made

what can i get a colour to do

where does a colour stops being a colour

when does a colour becomes an object / a feel

how can i be free from colour

opaques / glaze

colour physics and chemistry

how to mould a colour

how to mix two colours

how does one play with colour

can a colour make its light

what makes the moon shine

how to make a colour deep

light and colour

reflection and refraction

how do the colours mix in the sky

saturation without darkening

hue / value / tone / saturation / surface / volume / film / free colour

can a colour exit a painting and enter a viewer

read Nietzsche



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