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notes on oneness / new series / sep 19, 2014

when the beholder becomes one with the beheld, that's when he really sees.

darshan. देखणें देखिजे देखणेनी / देखणे होऊनि सर्वांगी

it ends the need of a conscious effort to look. /

zen and the art of archery / blind aim

devoid of expectations

beauty when see with these eyes.

how we perceive the world can only be revealed through our creation / expression

unconscious seeing / unconscious expression

pure experience of the image becomes an experience in itself.

pure seeing, transcending all conflicts is the experience of art.

एकतत्त्व / अद्वैत

वस्तू / अर्थ / अस्तित्व ह्यांना oneness व्यापून असतो

no beginning no end. just the moment.

स्वतंत्र / स्वयंभू / क्षणस्थ

त्या श्वासात.

हा असाच का - कारण असा दुसरा नाही.

it doesn't get constructed in parts, it is born.

born such, that it has no relation to its mother - its creator.

only reason for oneness to be is to be.

that breathe, that moment, that space : filled with oneness.

where does an art begin? where does it end? what is it about? itself.

श्वास हेच शरीराचं आत्म्याशी connection. श्वासमुळे श्वासात राहणे.


two conflicting choices. both equally powerful. pick any one : win some, lose some.

how does one decide? is compromise inevitable.

Dwait is in thinking that one needs to make a choice, now.

It means the time isn't right. Wait. Till one starts seeing beyond the conflict.

The choices dissolve. Decision isn't needed. Choice is organic.


जेव्हा कर्ता आणि कर्म हे एकरूप होतं : एकत्व / oneness

माणूस हे देवाचं / creative फोर्सचं फ्रॅगमेंटेड रूप

आपल्याला brilliance नेहमी तुकड्या-तुकड्यांतूनच का दिसतो?

एकसंघ / एकात्म / अखंड का नाही?

व्यवधानं / खंडात अडकलेली

बॉक्सेस मध्ये साचलेली.

जगण्याचे बॉक्सेस करणारी माणसं.


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