noir is restrained. subtle. silent.

colours talk a lot. they make things.

noir puts all of them together, and finds a new meaning in the being of them, simply by change of lens.

it shows things one hasn't seen.

a language i identify with.

it is pure. it speaks lesser and lesser.

when colours become quiet, they become noir.

but they can't become silent, they need to sing their own song.

gaitonde makes them hum their own music - his colours are together, they have no existence beyond the work.

but in the work they are indispensable.

rothko's chapel works are full compositions.

noir cuts out the richness - it celebrates the essential.

it cuts out the fat, the matter, the mass.

ऐसे रंग, ऐसे आकार

जो अपना होना जताए नहीं