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making art

अजून एक डायरी सापडलीये






form - colour - composition




paiting stands on three critical pillars : colour, meaning (or form) and composition. while these three are important, there is a lot more to art beyond these three.


the process

how the art comes into being is just as necessary. process can neither be the end in itself nor the purpose.

process is whatever it takes to bring the work together.

and because what one creates moves, it moves the process (/ demands the process to move)

process can product accidents on demand


the integrity


if abstraction means letting go of the so called necessary elements of reality it ends up getting linked to reality - a limited space. dumb.


one way of creating work is to visualise it, plan and execute it while comparing it continuously

with the image in mind. this results into a neat piece of work. one designs a process to ensure the exact outcome.

i am not a fan of this way. i believe that like me even the texture of the canvas, the tools, the colours, the viscosity, the medium plays as much a part in the work i make. all of it comes together and make the work along with me.

i am but a tool.

making music.

the beauty of the piece lies in every beat, every note, the texture, the length, the weight, the rhythm. however there is more to what the work says.

the beauty is as much in the space, the absence, the interaction, the sequence, the tension.

in the choice of the next presence and the next absence.


it all happens in the moment. when i am immersed in that moment, one with my tools, colours, canvas. and i pick the next stroke, next movement, next colour.

this choice is not conscious. it happens in the flow. organically.

a contemplation beyond my conscious understanding.


preparation for such a work happens in the mind of the artist. with all the tools around and accessible, one gets to tune in to inner self and lose oneself completely. the work is outcome of this oneness.

technical mastery needs to be of a level when all the resistance one has with the tools and medium disappears. one is no longer struggling to produce. execution flows.

riyaaz is work. writing, reading, thinking, seeing, perceiving, connecting - all of it flows into the unconscious. riyaaz makes time slower, makes one stay steady, last longer.

i work very fast. so fast that things spill and i dont have a moment to wait. and then comes a point when i feel i am done with the work.

i stop. empty. and fulfilled.

now i dont remember how i made it. the day/ the time/the brand of colours / the tools - i remember nothing at all.

after i make it i don't have any connection left with the work.

i keep seeing the work as if its not mine. i get the chance to look at the mind of the person who made it. but even i am not able to read or say how i went about creating it.

it gives me goosebumps.

i take it as the unconscious feedback.

no goosebumps, i trash the work. many a times when i am consciously making it - the work is not able to trigger the unconscious reaction.

the viewer may not see any of it.

no process / no placement / no colours.

but seeing an original independent artwork remains an adventure into the unknown.

presence of a viewer or evaluator - physically or mentally - in an artists mind doesn't allow the artist to become free from the conscious, thus artwork measured or composed is rarely extraordinary.

only by crossing the bounds of conscious an artist can create original art.


in conflict resides the clarity.

resolution of conflict may not be instant.

but unresolved things have a habit of finding their resolution. 

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