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another diary.

form. essence. beauty. freedom.

to keep essence to the essentials.

form is the essence.


clarity. abstraction. nothingness.

minimalization. emptiness. essentialism. absence.

reduction. disappeared.


buddhi. ahankara. manas. chitta.

(was this a talk between eagleman and sadhguru? dont remember)


how to become conscious/ dimension of intelligence, thats beyond logic/ pushing it through the sieve of intellect.


is time real or just a creation of the brain


energy. life. time.

time. cyclical movements of everything physical around us.


sit here and have a space between you and the body and suddenly time doesnt matter.


will distancing physically stop time


body = accumulations gathered from planet over a period of time.

miniscule data we gather

human intelligence makes us a non machine.

allows us to function consciously

every moment is an exploration

versus. hold onto something.

can you explore dimensions in this world


remain uneducated


tap into intelligence dont confuse it with anything

view life as life

if one does the perception will explode

in ways more than we know

technology, useful.

form and essence thats underneath.

life making design is the same.

essence. five elements.

earth (base) 12%

fire (energy) 4%

water (cohesiveness) 72%

air (moment) 6%

ether (space) rest

cleansing of elements - reaching oneness - yog


if knowing is the purpose of life : intellect taps the surface of everything

not the essence


survival is not fulfillment

anything beyond - survival requires striving

striving for inner perception


expanding consciousness


certain process


distancing yourself from genetic memory

you become a fresh life



yo yo ma

connects to the inner

he is being very intimate with the other player and the listener

"i am trying to know why he has placed a dimunendo here"

how will ripples in water look

- stunning visuals of music - captured in time

different aesthetics

my art

randomness - or clarity that distills and reduces - but not just a visual distillation

it is not a bodyless work denoting the absence



the cone

the heart

the soul

the seed

quintessential nature of things - mostly abstract - determines the character of its being


is the distillation the present being which the path takes a man

it is the point of coherence where the entire being comes together

essence is a point that a man returns to find his own meaning

meaning is not defined in human terms but it culminates in the essence the source of energy that brings about the being

all the expansions, surfaces, manifestations originate from the essence of being

all the lasting facets, things that we keep meeting time and again lead us to the essence.

in every moment of conflict which is a moment of decision the right decision is in sync with the essence.

whats my essence


beauty truth being



light language form mediums method tool subject



work of form is to bring the essence alive and connect


the artist becomes a tool and work flows through him


is it subconscious expression of consciousness


चित्र मला दिसतं तसं असणं

चित्रात मला मी सापडावा


स्वत:ला चित्रात शोधावं

मग त्याचाचं आधार घेऊन, हात धरून हळूहळू, स्वत:ला पाहत, स्वत:ला शोधत, स्वत:ला जाणत

मग एक दिवस यावा, चित्रात मला मी दिसावं

पुनश्च goosebumps


art is an artists direction depicted. because the artist can remove it from his self and put it down on canvas in the language only he can read. its a purposeful manifesto of ones essential being. it is no expression, it has no layers it is the artist, as he wants to see himself. Art evolves as the artist evolves. There is no doing in art, is only about being.


my art all these years has been outside in or shallow. There may be places when I met my स्वयंप्रेरणा / अंत:प्रेरणा and created from it but such occassions would be few. No wonder I never revisited it. It is important to paint who i am or who i want to be - my sanctuary.

its time to get the technic out of the way and paint whats sacrosanct to me.

i need to paint inside out.

i o.

the more i go closer to myself the more my work will become pure.

free thought / free being

freedom - being unconstrained by time life space shapes line or anything.

nascent without dimensions.


a b s o l u t e







abhyas. निखळ पहाणं

capra. tao of physics

रंग ध्वनी अाशय अवकाश शक्ति

अणूहून सूक्श्म / ब्रह्मांडाहूनही विशाल

प्रकाश - पाहणे - रंग

organicness. life grows.

ecstasy of the moment

i am now. disconnection from references.

no reference no connection no link

search is outwards. perceiving is inwards.

as is. without memory.

creation from the point of complete emptiness.

being in the moment.

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