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A solo show is a good reason to pause and look back.

The craft has reduced. The need for craft, too.

I am not thinking of shapes and shaping - or colours, or colouring any more.

The effort is disappearing. The need to shape, to look a certain way : quest of beauty is going away. 

Am I becoming indifferent to the outcome?

The struggle against the medium seems to be fading.

It's started listening to me, as I have started listening to it.

It's allowing the work to happen. I am allowing the work to happen...

Last five years, I was chasing a question : what is great work? 

I went all out trying to find work that moves me. Music, Architecture,

Fine Art, Poetry, Sculptures, Science, Gastronomy - trying to single out and absorb

works that were beautiful, timeless, intense and singular.

Consumed works, reflected on the theories of how these works came into being. 

Quite a nourishment. Obviously a result, my work moved. I struggled to not get

influenced, hungry to distill the essence from the form so...

solo show at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi | March 14 -18, 2018

one can see the colour,

but can one feel it?

when you look at a piece of art, do you hear music?

art is the unfelt, the unexplainable.

it cuts through cognitive judgement to appeal to the deep subconscious.

less is an attempt at creating such art.

less is not just about

cutting the noise or clutter.

less is about cutting out everything that can go.

not reduction, but distillation.

the first thing that disappears is the visualization of how t...


I am Rahul Inamdar and this is my work. 

By education, I have no connection with art.  For ten years after my MBA in Marketing and a Mechanical Engineering degree I worked in the area of marketing and innovation. Every time (whenever I had time) I would be at the easel, experiencing a feeling never felt before. 

My wife and family were extremely supportive, and I quit corporate job to be with art.

The journey after that has been very interesting, always making me feel that I was...

Through my first solo exhibition titled WITHIN, I wanted explore the layers of the worlds that lies within us.

Starting out from the dissonance of urban working mind, WITHIN was a quest of a more fulfilling life.

Our identities are based on social choices rather than individual ones, leading to a mindless herd, thus keeping us away from discovering our identities. Through this narrative I have tried to question the journey to discovery of identity. The turbulence in our minds, to me, is an outcome...

Solo show at India Art Festival 2017 New Delhi

abstract art and hindustani classical music : all in context of goosebumps

each swara in itself is a definite frequency of sound which has variable length and variable texture based on the voice.

colours are an artists notes. each reflecting only a certain frequency of light. many many of them. which can be arranged in spectral order like the sounds. black and lack of black almost become the saptakas. same colour but million tones.

the length - width of patch, transparency / opacity - form the te...

i walk around this question

trying to find a way in 

and find nothing

slowly it becomes clearer

not as hazy as it looked

it starts becoming concrete 

must find a door 

open and barge in

run down the layers of stairs 

reach a plateau

with a rock

i go closer

looks like something i have seen

looks much smaller : oh i know it is

'what is my art.'

cut, clear, shrink me small

now the question looks big

and i go looking again

when a creation happens, the form and the essence are one. But when the creator gets locked into the form, he starts composing - some elements of the form are moved around, and through the gaps the essence is lost, even before one knows. the language is no different from the essence. in fact the language or form is the shape the essence takes to express itself.

made my first work in series noir

its beautiful

just a patch of black

and black

the work is so beautiful

that i want to go back to see it

its nothing but a plain black canvas

whats amazing is

the dialogue that one has with the piece is extremely personal

and good works like good people wait to have the dialogue

and when you have such a dialogue

your preconceived notions are down. 

without knowing the reason you want to open up to the piece. it connects to you speaks to you assures you so that you can be.


Every individual has his own sense of beauty (and may be truth).

He looks at the world in a certain way. 

What he finds beautiful - whether abstract or real, is in the world around him.

The artist immerses himself in finding his truth, his sense of beauty. He starts living in the things he loves - or his sanctuaries, experiencing and exploring the connections they make with his soul, again and again.

That's what the artist really works on.  As the artist understands himself honestly a...

is there a space between past and future, what separates the two?

the space that holds the only thing that matters. now.

freedom is that unlimited space

freedom can not exist in the structure of memory  / knowledge / experience  /past.

violence happens when there is lack of space.

freedom exists inside us. 

competition is lack of realization of freedom.

can freedom actually lead to order?




boundless multi-dimensional continuum where objects have relative reference positions and, in case of movement, a direction.

nature of space / essence of space / existence of space.

the matter exists in space.

personal space : a region which a person regards psychologically his.

letting others in / entering others space.

where does a thought live?

reading other persons thoughts by entering his/her space. 


colour psychology / psychology of seeing / instinct / intuition /  what can a colour do to a person

colour / texture / perception


colour connection with evolution / survival

can a colour mean something without an association


how do we perceive colour /  contrast and colour cognition / colour shape relations / illusion 


what do these words mean : pause / space / absence / oneness

music and colour /shape / texture / poignancy / resonance / tension - between...

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